Unique Conformity consulting isn’t about telling you what to do; it’s about working with you to grow a culture of discipleship in your church.

It’s about perspective

When I became the pastor at my current church I was very observant.  I took note of all kinds of things, some of which I wanted to change (like the salmon curtains in the sanctuary).  Two years later I invited a friend to come to our church and give me some honest feedback about what he saw–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What amazed me was how many of his insights were things that stuck out when I first came but didn’t even notice anymore.

No matter how passionate, wise, and vigilant we are, there are times when we need a fresh set of eyes to look at the things we see everyday.  That’s what Unique Conformity can offer you in regard to discipleship at your church.

We’re not out to tell you how to do things.  We’ll make suggestions, but more importantly we will provide tools to help you take a fresh look at what you’re doing.  You’ll gain new insights about your church and be reminded of some things you wanted to address but don’t notice anymore.

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