Our Board

James Gleghorn is the Chairman of the Unique Conformity board. He has worked for numerous Christian organizations in development.  He is married to Tricia and they have a son named Jake.

Cory Whitehead works for Christianity Today where he leads new product development and marketing.  He is also very involved with mentoring in Aurora, IL, where he lives.

Matt Branaugh lives in suburban Denver with his wife and three outstanding kids. He is director of editorial for Christianity Today’s church management publications and resources. He edits the Church Law & Tax Report and Church Finance Today newsletters, ChurchLawAndTax.com, and ManagingYourChurch.com. He also writes the Church Law & Tax UpdateChurch Finance Update, and Church Management Update e-newsletters, and the “Office Toolkit” column for Leadership Journal.

Trevor Lee is the Founder and President of Unique Conformity.  He is also the pastor of Mountair Christian Church in urban Denver, CO.  He has been married to Michelle for eleven years and they have two kids–Isaiah and Ayla.