Impacting Culture

To change culture we don’t need more grand initiatives, but more people living as devoted and active disciples of Jesus.

Holistic Discipleship

People are meant to live for Jesus in their work, play, rest, families, friendships, and churches. When this happens we will make a positive impact in all sectors of our society. We often fail to make much of a cultural impact because people have a limited vision of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. They think it’s just about reading their Bibles and going to church. But we are meant to impact our world, just as Jesus did, in every moment of every day.

An Example

Cory Whitehead, one of our board members, is devoted to at-risk youth. It is not just something he does, it is a calling from God as a disciple of Jesus. Recently, Cory was featured in an article because of the work he is doing. Here is an excerpt from that article.

Around the office we hear Cory talk a lot about “his boys”: how much he cares and worries about them, the struggles they face, the activities they do. We pray for them in weekly team meetings and hear funny stories about them in the hallways. Mentoring has always been a matter-of-fact detail about Cory.

Although a lot of the kids in their neighborhood are falling into gangs and drug use, these boys are taking a different path. And on Monday night they’d chosen to spend their time watching an ’80s cult classic—Goonies—with a bunch of semi-nerdy adults. After the movie we headed to McDonald’s. Over milk shakes, I watched the boys argue over who wins more often when they play Cory in basketball. I watched them light up as they told me about summer camp, and the practical jokes they play on each other. They even shared a little about their developing faith in God.

If all of us who call ourselves disciples of Jesus took the challenge of diving into whatever God has gifted us to do, we would see changes in the world. Cultural impact can happen through the cumulative effect of people living as disciples.

You can read the whole article here.